So I might be moving to NYC next year and I’m so scared oh god

Up The Monitors: Issue 01


here is a mag I designed and wrote content for, read it pls

Phil Elverum: 'I Want to Pack in as Much Actual Content as Possible'



Despite crafting his music with so many recognisable elements, everything Phil Elverum does sounds new. Over the course of his fascinating career his imaginative songwriting has conjured fractured imagery vast, and emotions fervent. He confidently claims that he’s aiming for “not escapism,…

My crowning achievement, and life goal: an interview with Phil Elverum. I cried a little bit.

Up the Monitors: Mix #02

Premiere: Listen: Tobacco Unveils ‘Streaker’ Single | News

So I only just went and premiered the incredible new track by Tobacco, no biggie.

Yung Lean: The Saddest Gig I've Ever Been To

I wrote this thing about seeing Yung Lean live.

Up the Monitors: Mix #01


short mix I made, you can listen if you wanna

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why you don't answer question?

i’m rly busy sry dnt have time 4 ur shit lol

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u mufasa

only cause i ain’t lion w/ u rn